Facets, cameras, mirrors and glass used to capture the ineffable, the unknowable. Nebulous quantum qualities making matter beautiful with essences of invisible magnetic electro scatterings of the molecular that does not matter.

Imagining we have the power or control to catch the uncatchable [experience], that it is not too large and not too small, too random or too old and way beyond our physicality. Age and time are exposed by illumination, there seems to be a futility in trying to apprehend the edges of experiences. Is it the ultimate reality? Light?

Catch it and put it in a box, keep it for when the darkness is encroaching.


How to overcome a fear of the dark with a constant stream of illuminated representations. As we have stared in the abyss for millennia, the cave the sky… We yearn for points of light to expand before us and become the day, becoming in the light. Capturing these illuminations, in any way gives us mastery over the darkness. 

Catch it and put it in a box, keep it for when the darkness is encroaching.

Extracting a personally constructed narrative from physical surroundings and the necessity to do this for the purposes of a photograph is a physical, psychological, political act of creation. This process starts by looking, deciding on an apparatus then imagining in visual ways, whilst using bodily integrated electrochemical processes in aggregated space.

I am super aware just not in relation to you. My connectivity is electrified upon avenues that lead past you. Into what you feel is the void.

Space between us is nil. Between does not exist.

Divergences –

Pulsing photons, electromagnetic existences and molecular forms mimic my shape, nothing ties me to my corporeal twin, I feel her but even the idea of 'Her' is unreal. Pure energy is sustaining me, it is time now to visit somewhere else so unconstrained passing through and into another layer of matter, this is where explanations become poor.

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