This walk is part of the Devonport Heritage trail, layers of history and societal change present themselves to me. The lure of the sea is enticing, now and in the past. I wonder if conditions are favourable?

 Follow this link to discover the current condition of the sea.  You may also guess at what it is like to be there now based on the forecast.

This community space is an open access area, the boundary wall at one end marks the beginning of Devonport dockyard, an industrial and military area, you can often watch Royal Navy ships passing by. Ship spotters are a regular sight. The locality is mixed, social and private housing residents mix with tourists, swimming, sailing, playing, drinking coffee and walking dogs. 

Devonport UK

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Tranquility Bay / Devils Point 


This area is further around Plymouth Sound, another sssi frequented by swimmers, fisherman, walkers and a place for the homeless to pitch a tent. A diverse space for living and playing, protected. 

⁣Urban, rural, industrial, recreational.⁣
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