Interesting times


So I have been inside for three weeks now, as most of you have too. Keeping myself busy and upbeat is easier on some days than others, as we worry and make the best of things. Baking, making and thinking, reading poetry and experiencing the eerie silence at night. I sleep restlessly, listless in and out of strange dreams and wakefull moments, wake again and meditate, laugh at shared jokes and wonder what to teach today? 

Here is a slightly acerbic poem I wrote recently, but most of the time I am calm. 

my lungs are breathing in your bullshit

the waning of your efficacy stimulates the bleeding from my brain that you facilitate

leaning into you, looking closely

lotus leaves no longer unfurl

never revealing beauty

beauty comes from care, leaking effluent over my floor sullies future trust

no more.


The below images are from the once a day exercise for me and the dog.

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