Kinsequences - 2022 CAMP on tour - Redruth

For anybody near Redruth in Cornwall this Saturday I have been privileged to be part of a fabulous writers’ project and we are running an event as part of CAMP on tour. It will be at Back Lane West for most of the day. 

KINsequences: A Sculpture That Wants To Get Made
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KINsequences is a new collaborative piece of writing by the following members of the Writers’ KIN group; Molly Allam, Sovay Berriman, Alan Braidford, Tara C., Rachael Coward, Joanne Dorothea-Smith, Claire Gladstone, Tina Kutter, Clementine Neild & Frances Staniforth. The text has been built by each participant writing in response to the person that has preceded them. It is both in the Surrealist tradition and a version of the parlour game known as ‘consequences’. Each participant can only see the previous participant’s contribution, with the whole only being revealed at the end. The text contains enough common threads to form a narrative arc but travels in unanticipated directions and represents a chorus of voices, both visually and through language. There are three acts; Act I: A Sculpture That Wants To Get Made, Act II: The Making, and Act III: The Viewing.

A group reading of KINsequences was performed from this co-created and illustrated text, and recorded by Soundart Radio. 

Read the full text here: 

Writers’ KIN is a group of artists and makers who have come together to develop and explore the role of writing within art practice. The group formed through the CAMP network and has been meeting virtually for the last 12 months, and this broadcast will present the results of an ongoing collaborative project.
CAMP, is a member-led support and professional development network for artists, curators, producers and arts writers living in Devon and Cornwall. CAMP offers a range of opportunities and events including residencies, mentoring, travel bursaries, workshops, talks and networking events. Find out more about CAMP, and how to become a member at;
Soundart Radio is a licensed community arts radio station based on the Dartington Estate.

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