Excavation - Stage 1 - Selection

So this week I have been challenged, set to a task that is asking me to drill down on a short project into a particular area of a limited size. This area must be fully excavated, applying methodology and intent, using varied methods to record and understand the place chosen. 

I have chosen 3 places, and will this week decide which is to be my subject.

Fice’s Well #1

A Dartmoor well rumoured to have restorative properties for the eyes, founded possibly by a local family in the 1500’s. 

Richmond Walk, Plymouth, SSSI #2

My local SSSI’s are urban, set behind and in-between industrial and military areas, the flora and geology across the Plymouth areas are intermingled and largely invisible to those who work next to them and those passing by.


Rame Head, Coastwatch Station, Cornwall #3

The station at Rame Head in south east Cornwall is manned by volunteers 365 days per year, looking over the sea in order to spot peril and help those at sea. During daylight hours the station is operational, no new technology just sight and observations. The site of the cliffs is also an SSSI, and a ancient chapel sits on the clifftop surrounded by disused gun mounts. This site is the most diverse, both socially and scientifically. 


The first post. 

What is the role of influence? Is influenced fixed in the time of creation?

Maybe for some it is not a concern but as a photographer who is constantly influenced by her surroundings it is. I not only have an academic interest in photography, its meanings, place and futures but I have a genuine enthusiasm for everything photographic, whether or not I like it I can always be interested in it. 

The photograph is an expression of individuality, each photographer is different, each viewpoint, each interpretation. This is what I like, you always have the possibility of being challenged to take a differing viewpoint, to learn something new and experience the world from a different position of repose. Your context is constantly being reviewed, updated and old ideas revisited or expelled, this week I have thought about Gina Glover, and I am awaiting books by Simone De Bouvouir in addition to last weeks re-reading of Shifting Horizons and beginning Rings Of Saturn. What I made last week has new meaning in relation to things I had not read yet, time and production of image are intrinsically linked in many ways and not at all just the length of time concerned with shutter speed. Sometimes a later view or analysis gives a personal insight that can unlock new ideas or give a further motivation to an old idea. 



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