The work that doesn’t make it

Sometimes I have an idea, and it’s ‘the one’, the right one for the work, I get really invested in it. Somehow these ideas that can spark a whole project nearly always end up not being ‘the one’, and yet even though I know this I still think they might be… These images are what I originally made for my project OBE or Out of Body, after a strange perceptual experience I had when my grandmother fell ill. They never made it to the show but are an integral part of the process to get there. 

Private View - Next Thursday!

So the time is drawing near…Frequencies collective will be welcoming some lovely people to our private view at Bath Artist Studios next week! Exciting times as this is the firs show we have done since the pandemic began. If you are local to area and would like to come DM me and I can add you to the list, the details are attached here. Best wishes - Jo, Ian & Susan #artist #art #photography #gallery #contemporaryart #artgallery #artists #Bath #bristolbusiness #somewheremag #nowheremag #1854media #RPS

Getting ready

I have been looking forward to being in this group show since last year and now it is finally here! Opening on the 30th September in Bath at The Roper Gallery. #photographer #photographers #photography #contemporaryart #film #animation #art #work #entertainment

In Spectra, FREQUENCIES is represented by Jo Dorothea Smith, Susan Glover and Ian Harris.  

The title acknowledges and references the work of the late Sue Davies (1933-2020), founder of the Photographers Gallery and leading light in promoting contemporary art photography in the UK. In 1969, whilst still at the ICA, she curated an exhibition of the same name which featured the likes of Tony Ray-Jones, Dorothy Bohm and Don McCullin.  

Frequencies collective presents Spectra, a group exhibition that presents work that is diverse in nature, subject, form and meaning. Representing the capture of light spectra and inviting readings of light wavelength that are disparate. Presenting another meaning of ‘Spectra’ as a continuous sequence or range & a wide spectrum of interests, whilst also acknowledging infinite other possibilities.

“Eyes receive and detect unimaginable numbers of photons over a human lifetime when moving through perceived time and space. Of the narrow section of the electromagnetic spectrum which is detectable – more exists than is seen and so much of what is actually present is hidden from cognition (Cornsweet, T.2017).”

Cornsweet, T., 2017. Seeing : How Light Tells Us About The World. Oakland: University of California Press.

Jo Dorothea-Smith with Gardens of Essex explores her family archive through modifying and re-printing pictures to examine her own reflections on her family relationships and to the photographic medium itself.
Susan Glover A Grammar of Light and Dark has created a series of partly-abstract and surreal works in the darkroom which expose elements from the natural world around us in an attempt to interpret our relationship with the landscape and the impact of previous human presence.
Ian Harris Permanent Global Summertime presents a homage to Edwardian English gardener and photographer Charles Henry Jones, whilst examining the impact of economics and societal changes on today’s food supply chain.

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