Botanic Gardens Dundee

Whilst in Scotland I visited my first Botanic Garden, wondering on the history of these gardens I did a little research and found out about the colonial roots of the idea and how some of these gardens aided empire building. Botanic gardens are trying to break away from this image it seems and not all were founded under empire, but this was an interesting subject that I will be revisiting.  These photographs are really a preparation for researching a new subject. 

I found this article in the Financial Times -

It outlines the reasons for establishing these sites as a means of supporting the growth, sustainability and local resilience of colonies. More research is needed but this might have to wait whilst I finish other projects. 


These are from my first trip away after 2020. I had never been to the cairngorms before will definitely be going back.  I took these for myself outside of any project, which makes a change!

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