Going Home

I walk. I Photograph. Revisiting my childhood home this week, walking around, driving, looking at places still familiar, somehow different - I had changed more than these places but either way they were uncomfortable and past - looking at them as photographs, framed over and over in the mind remembrances. Latent. The feeling evoked by these places is strange, every person I see and wonder if  i’d known them before, this makes me uneasy. The snow adds to the dislocation.

Volunteering in the park - Devonport, Plymouth

Volunteers are working away in many of our parks, saving and restoring them and also creating new and beautiful spaces for us all to enjoy. A lot of parks across the country have become a low priority for local authorities, when funding for basic services is cut some if these places fall from grace. Fortunately for us there are groups of people giving their time so our history of wonderful landscaped green spaces does not disappear. This is an ongoing project about a place I use often and the people who keep it. The images will be carried out over the course of a year to show the changing seasons, planting and events in the park. Volunteering itself provides many benefits including social connections, exercise and an opportunity to share expertise and learn new skills, not to mention the advantages for communities. 

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