The first post. 

What is the role of influence? Is influenced fixed in the time of creation?

Maybe for some it is not a concern but as a photographer who is constantly influenced by her surroundings it is. I not only have an academic interest in photography, its meanings, place and futures but I have a genuine enthusiasm for everything photographic, whether or not I like it I can always be interested in it. 

The photograph is an expression of individuality, each photographer is different, each viewpoint, each interpretation. This is what I like, you always have the possibility of being challenged to take a differing viewpoint, to learn something new and experience the world from a different position of repose. Your context is constantly being reviewed, updated and old ideas revisited or expelled, this week I have thought about Gina Glover, and I am awaiting books by Simone De Bouvouir in addition to last weeks re-reading of Shifting Horizons and beginning Rings Of Saturn. What I made last week has new meaning in relation to things I had not read yet, time and production of image are intrinsically linked in many ways and not at all just the length of time concerned with shutter speed. Sometimes a later view or analysis gives a personal insight that can unlock new ideas or give a further motivation to an old idea. 



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