So I have been exploring the foreshore around Plymouth Sound a little further afield than the Mount Wise area, looking at Devils Point but trying to stick to the sssi areas. Just walking clears my head and expands the horizon, I met a local who helpfully told a potted history of Devonport and Royal Navy, thanks Merv. 

The continued exploration into the ‘front’ has flexible meaning, the shore is defence, defensible, recreational and both urban and rural. 

Paradise Bay / Devils Point / SX45965333

Urban, rural, industrial, recreational.

No Title.

The image of your face abstracted onto paper by mechanical reproduction.

This object I use is a taunt, a refuge, an unreal hologram at the edge of the universe.


The more I use you for solace, the further your disappearance into that chemical base which apes your image. 


Racing to keep a place that reminds me of times past sucks me in deeper, 

compressing the neuro/pathological daily time travel. 


Do you see what I see?

Employing new technology with old, mixing hand making with digital design can blur the boundaries of abstract creating, removing the creation and my vision of it into an abstract place as well as design. Thinking about how I use these media to represent research and thought is interesting and representative of subjectivity and presence, perception and intention.

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